This is now very comfortable with the wood burner providing the heat and glow during the longer evenings.

Although the house is fully central heated, it is only really required in the winter. The thick walls of the house keep the temperature at a steady 14° to 20° during the heat of the summer.

The Satellite TV is tuned to English Sky TV and therefore needs a Sky box with or without subscription.

The bathroom and toilet are part of the new build kitchen extension. A corridor was built to separate bedrooms one and two.

All new wiring is installed with a modern fusebox located in the corridor.

Front of House

Most of the effort, gardening wise, is concentrated on the front of the house, the grass needs cutting quite often to keep it from seeding. I have a small tractor mower that really needs replacing as it's over 20 years old and requires frequent maintenance.

The fruit trees were planted two years ago so I am looking forward to a lot of blossom this spring.

The fuel tank in the garage was filled with 1000 litres of oil about 3 years ago and is still half full. This is because we close up the house for winter and only use the boiler for hot water.

The end "Stable"/ wood store is a self contained unit suitable for conversion to separate living accommodation  There is no stair access to the loft space which was used as a hay store for animals kept below.

Access to the loft area above the living accommodation is via the "Cave" / store room. This would act as a beautiful feature entrance to the house, with a staircase serving the converted loft spaces above the house and Stable.


Back Of House and Fields

Stunning views around the house as well as a good walk. The orchard behind the house has had the dead trees removed and new trees planted.

Access to the Copse/wooded area has grown over because it has not been used. There is enough wood to last a lifetime. Some trees produce edible nuts that will be eaten by the local wildlife if you do not collect them late autumn.

The top field is absolutely beautiful and provides the best view over the surrounding countryside. If the access is not looked after it will grow over with bramble and become inaccessible.


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